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Friday, January 22, 2021 03:18:45 PM ET

Three business credit scores
from Experian, D&B, and Oxxford.    See sample >>
Three independent views of how a company is performing.
Know your company credit scores and ratings.
Understand your area/risk industry score.
Identify potential problems with your late paying accounts.
Determine how likely new customers will pay on time.
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Introducing, a new service offering the Triple Score Business Report
Finally, a single report that provides immediate access to scores from three of the largest Business Score providers Experian, D&B, and Oxxford Information. One search, one report, one charge – yet three independent perspectives. You can now get three unique credit risk viewpoints on any company as well as check out prospects, clients, partners, sub-contractors, etc. from the more than 30 million companies covered. In fact, CompanyCreditScoresSM gives you the most comprehensive access to Small and Medium-size companies that make up 99% of all companies that operate in the US.

Use to:
• Don't let a poor business credit score affect your business growth
• Know your business credit scores and take action to improve each rating
• Check out the payment scores of key clients
• Use the industry/area risk score to see how your clients and suppliers compare with others in the same field
• Determine how likely new customers will pay on time
• Estimate whether you can safely extend trade credit or need payment up front
• Identify critical problems with your late paying accounts

As a Business Owner, you need to be paid for your products and services -- and to effectively manage your cash flow, you need to be paid on time. This is one of the biggest concerns of any Business Owner, but especially a Small Business Owner during these rough economic times. As the Business Owner, managing cash flow may not be the most exciting part of the job but it is critical to enabling you to keep your own business operating. Poor cash management is one of the primary reasons businesses fail. You know that many customers cannot, or will not, pay in advance so offering payment terms is an essential part of doing business. And that puts you at risk. cannot guarantee that you will be paid but it gives you a new tool to help you manage payment risk and check out new customers before you accept a project or deliver goods. Don’t make offers blindly – get a Triple Score Business Report on new prospects before you agree to any deal.

Triple Score Business Reports are available to help you now. Go ahead and check out your own company, then check out your key customers and see the power of the new Triple Score Business Reports from

Common Questions and Answers about Triple Score Business Reports
Q: Why three scores instead of one?
A: Your business is scored by multiple agencies. Often you won't know which agencies' scores are being used to evaluate your business, so it's best to know all three.

Q: Why are good business scores important to my business?
A: High business scores are vital when attempting to borrow money from a bank or establish credit with a supplier or government agency. Often the better your scores, the better your negotiating power, business terms, and company reputation.

Q: Can help me grow my business?
A: Yes. lets you see your credit worthiness the way others do. Knowing your scores from all three agencies, and looking for ways to improve them, will help your business obtain the credit you need to operate effectively and expand to the next level. A good score can be the difference between you being selected as that next supplier or watching your competition win out.

Q: Can save my business money?
A: saves you time and money. It is the only website providing three business scores from three major score providers in one instant report, at one low price.

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Added Features and Samples
• Ability to purchase your Triple Score Business Report even if all three business scores are not available.

See sample Triple Score Business Report >>

• Ability to purchase a more detailed version of your Business Report from any of the score providers for an additional charge following a Triple Score Report purchase. Your detailed report will show you your numerical business score and much of the other data used to determine your score.

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