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Common Questions and Answers about Triple Score Business Reports

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Common Questions and Answers about Triple Score Business Reports

Q: Why three scores instead of one?
A: Your business is scored by multiple agencies. Often you won't know which agencies' scores are being used to evaluate your business, so it's best to know all three.

Q: Why are good business scores important to my business?
A: High business scores are vital when attempting to borrow money from a bank or establish credit with a supplier or government agency. Often the better your scores, the better your negotiating power, business terms, and company reputation.

Q: Can help me grow my business?
A: Yes. lets you see your credit worthiness the way others do. Knowing your scores from all three agencies, and looking for ways to improve them, will help your business obtain the credit you need to operate effectively and expand to the next level. A good score can be the difference between you being selected as that next supplier or watching your competition win out.

Q: Can save my business money?
A: saves you time and money. It is the only website providing three business scores from three major score providers in one instant report, at one low price.

Q: Are all three scores calculated the same way? If so, shouldn't they all be the same?
A: The score providers all use different methods and often accumulate different data for calculating their scores. These three independent viewpoints provide you with more decision confidence when they all agree. D&B and Experian examine Tradelines, Public Record Filings, Inquiries and other factors on the target business to calculate a business score. Oxxford Information uses industry and geographic data to calculate an econometric composite business score. Expect some variation.

Q: What if only one or two scores are available? Can I still buy the Triple Score Business Report?
A: There are occasions when one or more of the score providers don't have a report or a score on your business. This is normal, especially for new businesses or businesses with little credit history. In these cases we will offer you the score(s) that are available at a discounted price.

Q: I don't know why one or more of my scores are so different. How can I see the detail that went into my letter scores?
A: The score providers all use different methods and often accumulate different data for calculating their scores. They also receive feeds from multiple payment providers that sometimes show different payment behaviors. You can purchase detailed reports containing this information from any of the three score providers following a Triple Score Business Report purchase.
See sample score detail reports and pricing >>

Q: What is a D&B score?
A: D&B provides a predictive score regarding on-time payment. The predictive score measures the risk of severe delinquency over the next 12 months based on the information in D&B's file.

The actual D&B risk elements are as follows:
D&B scoreRisk assessmentRisk percentage (mid-probability)Estimated percentage of businesses
ALow risk2.5%15%
BLow-medium risk4.8%26%
CMedium risk12.9%25%
DMedium-high risk24.2%25%
EHigh risk58.8%9%
Note: Non-scored businesses generally denote an indication of an open bankruptcy or an out-of-business at the location.

Q: What is an Experian score?
A: Experian provides a predictive score of the risk for severe payment delinquency and/or bankruptcy over the next 12 months. The Experian score uses sophisticated statistical techniques to predict the likelihood that a business's payment performance will become seriously delinquent, defined as 90-plus days beyond terms within the next 12 months, or that the business will go bankrupt based on the data in Experian's file.

The actual Experian risk elements are as follows:
Experian scoreRisk assessmentCumulative delinquency percentageEstimated percentage of businesses
ALow risk1.4%25%
BLow-medium risk2.3%25%
CMedium risk4.1%25%
DMedium-high risk7.4%15%
EHigh risk14.8%10%
Note: Non-scored businesses generally denote an indication of an open bankruptcy or too little information in the Experian file to generate a score.

Q: What is an Oxxford score?
A: The Oxxford composite score is a weighted normalized composite econometric score encompassing local economic conditions, industry risk, bankruptcy risk, and the potential for firms having significantly delinquent payments within the next several years. The weighting schema puts the greatest weight on those parts that have the greatest immediacy, and lesser weight on those parts that measure broader issues. Because of this the Oxxford score may not exactly reflect the current economic business of the target business, but is a good indicator of businesses like this business in the same geographic area.

The Oxxford score distribution is as follows:
Oxxford scoreRisk assessmentEstimated percentage of businesses
ALow risk25%
BLow-medium risk25%
CMedium risk25%
DMedium-high risk15%
EHigh risk10%

Q: Does have access to every company in the U.S.?
A: provides real-time access to more than 30 million companies from D&B, Experian, and Oxxford company databases. If your company is new or has little credit history, then one or more of these score providers may not have your company on file, or they may not have derived a score for your business.

Q: I don't understand the scores or data in the report. Who can I contact for help?
A: Click here to contact us at CompanyCreditScores.

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Q: My report has items that are either out of date or incorrect. How can I get this updated?
A: provides real-time access to business reports from D&B, Experian, and Oxxford. Each of these providers has different methods for data corrections and updates.

D&B: Please call D&B Customer Service at 1-800-234-3867 and follow the prompts to discuss your own report. You may also visit our iUpdate website at if you have a password already assigned to you. If you do not have a password, Customer Service can assign one. The iUpdate site lets you logon and make changes to your information yourself. Some information you input will prompt an telephone call to be placed to you for verification of the information. In this scenario, your changes will not go through until this information is verified.

Experian: Please use Experian's to make updates to your Experian business report. (Use the "UPDATE MY REPORT" feature.)

Oxxford Information: Please print out your Oxxford BusinessSM Report and circle any items that are in question. Clearly identify the corrections on a separate sheet of company letterhead with your contact name and phone number. FAX these pages to Oxxford Information at: 518-882-1223. You can also visit Oxxford's website at

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Q: How do I sign up for
Signing up is fast and easy. You sign up by clicking on the 'Member Login' link located on the top of most of our pages and choosing 'CREATE ACCOUNT'.

You don't have to register first to start your search. Non-members interested in purchasing a report will automatically be directed to login or register.

Q: I forgot to save or print a report. Can I see it again later without paying twice?
A: Yes, your report is available for 7 days (168 hours) following the purchase. To view a report within 7 days of purchase, login first then click the 'My Account' link at the top of the page, then click the link to view 'Account History here'.

Q: I'm seeing messages that my account is locked when I try to login. What should I do?
A: Click here to contact us at

Q: I received an email from saying that I changed my password or email address when I didn't. What should I do?
A: Click here to contact us at

Q: How do I get my printer to show all the colors used in your reports?
A: Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) typically is not set to print background color or images, including table cell colors. On IE's Print Preview, our color charts will show as white table cells with black text. To get the table cells colored backgrounds to print, click on the browser's Tools menu. Select Internet Options, then click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down to find the Printing heading and check the box called Print Background Colors and Images. This setting affects both page backgrounds and table cell backgrounds.

Q: I am seeing a large red-X in place of each chart in my report print-out. How do I correct this?
A: Please use the "PRINT" button located at the bottom of all our reports.

Q: When is the service available?
A: is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Where does get its information?
A: accesses D&B, Experian, and Oxxford's company databases in real-time.

Q: Do I need to pay for hardware, software or installation to use
A: You can start using today by accessing us through your Web browser. There is no additional hardware or software to purchase or install.

Q: What are the minimum browser requirements for
A: has been designed to work with the following browsers: Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 and newer, Safari 5.0 and newer, and Firefox 3.0 and newer. Your browser must be configured to allow for session cookies and javascript; by default, all of these browsers automatically accept session cookies and javascript. If your browser is not configured to accept session cookies or javascript, you will be given instructions on how to change these settings.

Q: I don't understand the scores or data in the report. Who can I contact for help?
A: Click here to contact us at CompanyCreditScores.

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Triple Score Business Report Pricing

Scores ProvidedRetail Cost*
*: Plus tax. See list of taxable states.

Detailed Report Availability and Pricing
In addition to the exclusive Triple Score Business Report, CompanyCreditScores also provides access to detailed company reports from D&B ($49.95), Experian ($49.95), and Oxxford ($34.95). Links to these detailed company reports appear in the bottom panels of the Triple Score Business Report for each of the three score providers. These detailed reports are only available here following the purchase of the Triple Score Business Report.

See sample purchase link locations highlighted below:


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